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How to Ensure Safe Transportation of Your Antiques

Relocation is just round the corner and you are still facing the dilemma of how to pack your antiques and delicate stuff. Here are a few packing tips that will ensure the safety of your precious antiques –

Carefully pack the antiques with a bubble wrap and make sure no edges are left unpacked. Tape the object firmly to hold the wrap in place.

When you are keeping the bubble wrapped antiques in a box, use old blankets, clothing and paper to ensure that there are no gaps between their surfaces. Any gap between the antique and the surface of the box or another item, or both can damage the antique by friction and from bumps and shocks.

Mark the boxes as ‘Fragile – Handle with Care’ to remind the moving crew to take special care while loading and unloading.

Make sure that the boxes are carefully loaded on a firm surface that will keep them safe from falling and breaking. Also ensure that there are no heavy weights kept over the boxes of antiques as they can permanently damage their texture and shape.

It is essential to hire those movers who have expertise in moving antiques and fragile items. An experienced and reputable moving company has trained crew having the requisite knowledge for packing fragile items. Apart from this, they also provide the best quality packing material to ensure your precious belongings reach your new destination as new as always. Hire the best Los Angeles Moving Company and say goodbye to all your moving troubles.


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