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Most Prevalent Moving Myths

Moving in itself is extremely strenuous and the prevalence of various myths that makes it even more challenging and hard for people. Here are the most widespread moving myths that you should avoid at all the costs –


Myth 1: I don’t need moving boxes – Most people believe that they do not need to invest in moving boxes and containers and any box will is good for their belongings. However they are hit with the harsh reality when the boxes break and everything spills out. Moving boxes and containers are designed especially for moving and can hold heavy items effectively.


Myth 2: Labeling is waste of time – Labeling is not useless. It saves you a lot of trouble and time when you are loading and unpacking your belongings. Labeling does not take much time but it helps in saving a lot of time.


Myth 3: Packing is child’s play – There is more to packing than packing a suitcase or a backpack for a weekend trip. Packing requires elaborate planning, time management and technique to ensure there are no last minute hiccups.


There is more to moving than what people anticipate. From planning, preparing, packing, finding the best Long Beach movers to finally settling in your new house, moving is a challenging and comprehensive activity. Do not get fooled by these moving myths and ensure a happy and easy move.



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