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How to Avoid Traffic Snarls in Los Angeles?

When it comes to traffic, no city in the US can get more demonic than the City of Angels itself. If you are moving to LA and have heard about the ghastly traffic snarl stories, then do not feel disheartened. Here are some useful tips to avoid traffic in LA –

Avid the rush hour – Although it may sound as some tip given often, avoid moving to LA during the rush hour. Traffic in LA during the rush hour is really horrifying. Avoid traveling between 5-10 am and 7-10 pm.

Know about the city freeways – If you are moving to LA, it is advisable to learn about the worst hit freeways. You do not want to end up stuck at some of the freeways so better ask authorities and browse the internet. Although avoid 405 Freeway, 110 Freeway, 101 Freeway and 10 Freeway, especially during the rush hour, as they are the worst affected.

Use GPS or Google Maps – Use the traffic feature of Google Maps to know about the traffic situation on a particular stretch. If your car does not come with a GPS, install one before you venture to LA.

Learn about alternate routes – If possible, skirt the freeways and navigate through alternate roads or less crowded highways. Although it will make you drive a few extra miles, but it is a much better option than sitting in your car on a jam-packed freeway.

Learn about upcoming events – Movie premiers, filmings and marathons can add to the existing traffic woes. So before moving to LA, make sure you browse websites like TrafficInfo to know about any such upcoming events. Listen to the traffic reports on the radio so that you can avoid the congestion.

Los Angeles is a city known for the celebrities, beaches, recreational joints, skyscrapers and an exuberant night life. Getting stuck in the LA traffic when you are moving to the city can never be a happy welcome. The situation can get worse if you are moving with your belongings on your own. It is therefore recommended to hire professional LA movers who have the knowledge about every street and alternate route of the city to ensure that your belongings reach your new location safely and without any delay. Browse the internet, read reviews and ask for recommendations about movers and move to LA in style.


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