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Questions that You should Ask Movers

Although moving might sound simple, it is not easy at all. From selecting the best from the different moving companies in Los Angeles, packing, finding a house to finally settling down, moving is an activity that most people fear to undertake. In addition, the hideous moving scams by rogue movers also make people more skeptical about the move.

Selecting the right movers is the key to a successful and stress free move. Apart from helping you with your packing and transportation, professional movers ensure that your belongings reach your new location intact and without any delays. So, how to choose the best movers for your next move? Online reviews and recommendations can help you find good movers, but how to ensure that you get the best mover? Here are some questions that you should ask the movers that will help you take the right decision –

  • What is your total experience in moving?

  • Are you insured and licensed? If yes, can I see your papers?

  • Can I get binding price and flat rates?

  • Are their any other services apart from loading, transportation, warehousing and unloading that you offer?

  • How much I will have to pay? Are their any additional charges apart from the amount quoted?

  • Do you charge extra for some special belongings? If yes then what are such belongings?

  • Will you charge me for the moving supplies that you have provided?

  • What happens if any of my belongings gets lost in transit?

  • What are the cancellation charges?

  • Will I get everything in written?

  • Can you give me one or two references?

Moving is like swimming in an unknown river in the dark. If you do not ask the right questions, you might end up like hundreds of innocent homeowners who are either robbed of their belongings, money and peace of mind. Asking these questions will ensure that you are treading into safe waters with the movers providing you life support. Always remember that your belongings are valuable and do not trust any mover who refuses to answer any of the above mentioned questions.

In order to choose the right movers, it is therefore advisable to start as soon as you learn about the move. This will provide you leverage and you will not have to satisfy with the first owner that you come across. Make a checklist and ask California movers these questions to ensure that you get the best deal.


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