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A Day before the Move

It is said that there is a lull before the storm. The day before moving is quiet but highly turbulent. With months of planning and days spent in finding the best LA movers, the day before moving is the most confusing as you have to ensure that everything goes as per the plans. To help you ease your moving anxiety, here are some of the important tasks to perform –


  • The first thing to ensure your presence at the time when the movers arrive at your home. Schedule the moving day in such a manner that you don’t have to be away at the time of loading.

  • Check that all the moving boxes are properly packed, taped and labeled.

  • As the moving day is hectic in itself, it is wise to prepare a bag of valuables and important documents, which you will move personally with you a day before.

  • Prepare the fridge for the move. Empty the contents and defrost and dry it.


Moving is a stressful experience as it is not easy to get uprooted from the place where you have spent so many happy memories. However with effective planning and hiring expert movers, you can ease your moving stress.


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