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Moving Trends in the US

Americans are on the move and have you ever wondered where all those residents in your neighborhood are coming from? If you think that are you the only one who moved last year in the US, here are some moving trends in the US ā€“

  • Most of the people in the US moved in 2012 owing to family reasons or to find a better housing alternative. Other reasons for moving include finding greener pastures at some different location, retirement, cheaper housing options and other reasons.

  • 64% of the Americans who moved last year moved within the US, while the remaining 36% relocated to an overseas location.

  • 40% of the Americans who moved last year choose a destination that was within a radius of 50 miles of their last neighborhood.

  • The largest out of the state move was by people in the age group of 25-29.

  • California was the most preferred state to which maximum Americans moved to.

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