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What to do with the Moving Boxes after You have Moved?

After a strenuous move, all the unpacking has been finally done and now you are left with the moving boxes. Here are some practical ideas that will help you get rid of the moving boxes –

  • Children love playing with boxes and if you are thinking how to keep them occupied when you are focusing on settling down in the new location, you can let them use their creativity to make box homes for them.

  • When you are planning to bring in more furniture into your home, you can use the boxes to protect your flooring from getting damaged.

  • Yard sale is another option to sell the used moving boxes and earn some quick buck from the sale.

  • You can ask your Los Angeles movers if they can take back the boxes from you. Since most of the boxes remain in good condition, the movers sometimes take them back to help someone else with them when they move.

  • If you have pets, especially cats or rabbits, you can use the cardboard boxes for them to play. By keeping your pet rummaging the cardboard boxes, you would be able to keep you clearly focused and enjoy the much needed peace of mind.

Moving to a new location can be exciting if you plan every aspect of it. So if you are fuming about the moving boxes, here are some creative ideas, apart from getting them recycled.

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