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Myths and Facts about LA

Los Angeles has always been engulfed with myths and misconceptions, most of which arise from Hollywood fiction. From jewelry sporting rappers in their exclusive cars to sunny crowded beaches and a non moving traffic, there are numerous myths that have now become inseparable from LA and portray the same picture every time we think about LA. Here are some of the most common myths associated with LA –


If in Los Angeles, you must be in the entertainment industry – Hollywood rules our lives and we do not complain. However, when it comes to LA, there is more to the city than just Hollywood. Being home to the Long Beach, Los Angeles is the largest manufacturing center in the US. Other dominant industries in LA are health, banking and finance and infrastructure.


There is no less crowded place in LA – LA is no doubt populous with various densely populated neighborhoods. However, there are definitely quieter places in LA as well. If you like to hang out in less crowded and quieter places, you have Santa Barbara, Santa Monica Pier, Malibu and local mountains where you can be with peace.


LA is home to only the rich, famous and beautiful – As explained above, LA offers employment to people in different industries as well; it does not mean that LA is full of shining celebrities flaunting their magnificent diamonds and the newest sports cars. In LA you will find all sorts of people ranging from excessively rich to extremely poor. LA is a diverse land with both successful individuals and struggling actors living together.


LA is grotesquely expensive – Again, this myth about LA is attributed to the presence of stars and rich people residing there. However, in reality LA is not as expensive when compared to various other cities in the US, including NYC and San Francisco.


You are going to get a rude welcome in LA – Stars have attitude and this is the picture that is being portrayed about LA. However, LA is as normal as any other city in the world and that could happen in any city of the world. It depends on whom you are meeting and for whom you work. Although you will not find a lot of happy faces stuck in horrendous traffic snarls.


Los Angeles is an amazing city where hundreds of thousands of people move with high aims in their hearts. If you are also moving to LA, it is extremely essential that you hire only those movers in Los Angeles who are aware of the city. There is more to the city and do not let these myths ruin your LA adventure.

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