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Be Prepared to Deal with Different Types of Neighbors

Moving to a new location might seem like fun as you get to explore new things and meet new people. Although we can never be sure of what type of neighbors we might end up with. Here are the different types of neighbors that you are most likely to get –

The Nasty Ones – Crying kids, screaming moms, untidy and hot-mouthed, you just pray that you do not get neighbors like that. Such neighbors are most likely to rob you of your sleep with midnight shrieking and fighting, parties turning wild and continuing till the dawn and tires scratching on the curb side.

The Weirdoes – They come at odd times and do not mingle with anyone in the neighborhood. Most of the times they do come out, they come out with a strong smell of hard liquor.

The Stalker Types – Your California movers have not yet finished unloading your belongings and you are being greeted by your overtly nice looking neighbors. Although there is nothing wrong in that, chances are high that everyday you find them following you whether it is the gym, local store or even to a mall.

Living beside bad neighbors can drain you off your peace and happiness. Although most issues get solved with perseverance and time, if your neighbors continue to bother you, try to find a way and solve the issues amicably.


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